How to Successfully Stay Organized for Fall

A thoughtfully organized holiday creates joy as we gather for food, laughter and love.

Fall has arrived, football season has started and the stores are beginning to fill with pumpkins and apple cider. I always get excited for the cooler weather, pulling out my favorite sweaters and looking forward to quieter weekends to curl up with a good book. This is the time to look ahead, get organized and prepare for the festivities and events of the upcoming months. With just a bit of time spent planning out the holidays, everything becomes simple, achievable and ready for you to enjoy! 

Salt by Sabrina Monaco basket on countertop.

Fall brings the start of soccer games and homework with a peek at hosting, house-guests and holidays coming just around the corner. It is a lot to manage! The key to successfully staying organized through it all is to keep the critical areas of your home under control. This will help you stay on top of household chores, school and work schedules and all the extra holiday tasks that are coming.

Salt by Sabrina kitchen decorated for Fall



The kitchen is the center of our home. We spend the majority of our time here and it is ideal to have this area clean, organized and a joy to spend time in. This is also often the most difficult area to manage because it is a high traffic area and can be a dumping ground for loose items. Here is where to get started in your kitchen:

Your worst drawer - take your most cluttered drawer and remove every item. Donate anything you don’t need, doesn’t belong or you have too many of. You probably don’t need four whisks and keeping only two will help simplify an over-full drawer.

Salt by Sabrina cutting board and salt container along side Sabrina

Cooking - typically the holidays involve a lot of time cooking and baking in the kitchen. This is a great time to go through your spices and get rid of anything that is expired, stock up on your favorite holiday flavors like cinnamon and nutmeg. Creating an organized space for your spice rack and spice jars will save time and effort when it comes time to bake those unforgettable pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.

Sabrina baking pumpkin chocolate chip cookies from Salt by Sabrina

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe by Salt by Sabrina

A little bit of effort to organize the kitchen will transform the way you experience the holiday season.



The bathroom is where you start your day and will be where you get ready for all the holiday events. This space will help set the tone for everything you do. If your countertop is crisp, clean and organized and you open a beautifully organized drawer the day feels fantastic! Take the time to declutter and organize this space so you have a sanctuary to retreat to at the beginning and end of each day and prep for your favorite holiday parties!

Salt by Sabrina custom drawer organizer for bathroom.

If you have a guest bath, this is a great time to clean it out and get it organized. Guests arriving to a beautifully clean bathroom elevates the entire travel experience.

Extra Toiletries - guests always appreciate an extra toothbrush or razor when they accidentally leave theirs at home.

Charge Cords - keep one plugged in and ready for use. I am always extremely grateful to find a cord already available by a nightstand or on a bathroom counter. It makes charging your phone or watch fast and easy.

Small Containers - Have a tray, storage box or small container available for guest to place their keys, wallet and jewelry in at night.

Closet & Drawer Sachets - pick a delicious scent and when guests open the drawer or closet, they will be greeted to a lovely, fresh space for them to unpack into.

Blankets & Pillows - guests can get cold or like an extra pillow so having a few extra that are easily accessible is a must.

Closet organization with baskets by Salt by Sabrina



Clean out the closet to make way for warmer clothes and beautiful holiday outfits. Often we don’t know what is missing until we go through what we have. Rotate summer clothes to the back of the closet and put fall clothing to the front. It is now easy to see what is still in good shape, fits and is in style. Take note of the events to be attended and make sure to have the right clothing for them. This will provide plenty of time to shop for those items that are missing.

When going through clothing, always ask “Is it relevant?” Do you wear it? If not, donate it. Anytime a new piece of clothing is purchased, remove something in the closet. It is the one in, one out rule and helps keep the closet clean, organized and decluttered.

Having a beautifully organized closet simplifies the process of putting together an outfit for any upcoming occasion.

Sabrina cutting bread on Salt by Sabrina cutting board.

For additional tips on managing the holidays and getting things done early, read my blog post “Getting Organized for the Holidays”, I break down each step.

  1. Make a list of holiday events and tasks
  2. Create a schedule
  3. Make a gifting plan
  4. Set aside time for joy and the unexpected

Make a goal to get as much of your holiday shopping done in October as you can. When the holidays come around, you will have time to enjoy being with family and friends.

Jennifer custom drawer organizer by Salt by Sabrina

Remember that life and the holidays can be messy but your drawers don’t have to be.

Take a few moments now and get organized. It will make all the difference!