The drawer organizer that will last for life.

Get a Custom-fit

Standard drawer organizers are not designed to fit your drawer. Salt by Sabrina organizers are crafted one at a time with your exact measurements for a perfect fit every time.

Extraordinary Acrylic Drawer Organizers

Our acrylic drawer organizers and dividers are anything but standard and ordinary. They are constructed of premium acrylic, fit perfectly to your drawer and they are naturally antimicrobial and chemical free.

Why You Need a Custom-fit Organizer

How many organizers have you purchased trying to find one that actually fits your drawer? A perfect organizer will maximize all available horizontal and vertical space so that you can utilize your entire drawer.

Organizers made from bamboo, wood, or rubber will break down over time, creating a breeding ground for bacteria and will eventually need to be replaced. Our premium acrylic is crystal-clear, naturally antimicrobial, and scratch resistant, making it last the lifetime of the drawer.

Our organizers help our customers finally get their drawers organized and have them  stay that way. With a space for everything, it’s easier to keep things tidy.

Your organizer purchase is making a difference. $1 from every organizer sold goes directly to charity.

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How to Measure Your Drawer

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