How to Order Your Custom-Fit Drawer Organizer

Measuring your drawers takes just three measurements and a few minutes! Follow our simple, fast step by step instructions below and get started. If you need additional help, our customer service team can assist in measuring and ordering.

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How to Order Your Custom-fit Drawer Organizer

01 Measure your drawer.

Follow our instructions to measure your drawer.

How to Measure

02 Select a Layout.

Follow our instructions to select the perfect layout for your custom drawer organizer

How to Choose a Layout

03 Enter your measurements.

  • Navigate to the custom drawer organizer layout you have selected
  • Enter your measurements (length, width, height)

04 Label your drawer.

Add a quick label to your drawer so when it’s delivered you will know which drawer to install your custom organizer in.

05 Add to cart & checkout.

That’s it! In under 5 minutes you can have your custom organizer ordered and on the way.

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How to Order your Custom-fit Drawer Organizer