The Power of Organization

I love organization. In a world of ever-changing circumstances and unprecedented realities, order can ground and empower us. In all my experiences, the desire for a more organized life seems universal. If you are here with me, I hope you will find paradigm-shifting ideas coupled with beautiful, innovative products designed just for you.

How It All Started

I spent the past 16 years as a working mom. I worked in photography, struggling to balance being a mother and having a career while working to gain a solid place in the industry. I had incredible opportunities working with various companies, wonderful non-profits and traveling to remote parts of the world. There were years I worked almost full-time and some years that I barely worked at all so I could be at home with my four children. In 2020 I wrote down a single goal – to start a business. Salt by Sabrina is the result of that tiny moment followed by months and years of thinking, designing, networking, building and creating that changed everything.

Take Joy in the Process

I have had a beautiful life. It has been filled with exquisite moments of joy as well as heart rending sadness. When life has dealt me a basket of lemons, my mind retreats to the complex and incredible process of organizing. If I can’t control the challenges being thrown at me, I can clean, filter, organize and create. The process is like a wonderful mathematical equation for me to solve. I take each space and find the most efficient way for it to function and then I go to work making it beautiful in the process. Organization has been a lifeline for me and something that never fails to bring me joy. I hope to share that same joy with you!

The Salt Team

I have met people who have changed my life with their kindness, people who have inspired me to be better and stronger, people who have encouraged me to follow my dreams. I couldn't have built this business without all of these people sharing their talents and support with me every single day. My family has sacrificed, supported me and believed in me. My friends and co-workers have offered counsel and expertise. All those efforts have allowed Salt to become the organizational solution that I hope will change your life as much as it has mine. Thank you to each and every person who helped me get here.

Why Salt?

Salt is clean, natural and enhances everything it touches. Salt is essential for life, seasoning and preservation. Similarly, Salt by Sabrina organizational solutions enhance homes by providing order and a place for everything.