How to Install Your Custom-fit Drawer Organizer

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How to Install Your Custom-fit Drawer Organizer

Tidy craft room with a stack of white Salt by Sabrina packages waiting to be opened.

01 Unbox.

Open your brand new custom organizer.

A woman opening a large box on a kitchen island, looking intrigued by her new custom-fit organizer.

02 Find the label.

Read the label and determine which drawer to install your custom-fit acrylic drawer organizer.

Messy drawer filled with a variety of papers and craft supplies.

03 Pull your drawer out from the cabinet.

Use the levers on the side or bottom of the drawer to pull the drawer out enough to install the organizer directly downward.

04 Place the organizer in the drawer.

Pick up the custom organizer and install straight down into the drawer.

Open drawer with a crystal clear, acrylic custom-fit drawer organizer.

05 Put the drawer back in place.

Close the drawer firmly to re-engage the drawer slides.

06 Organize and enjoy!

Don’t forget to show us your newly organized drawer. #saltbysabrina

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How to Install Your Custom-fit Drawer Organizer