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Fully Custom Designs Fully Custom Designs

Tell us exactly what you want to organize and store and we will design the perfect organizer for it.

Need a layout  you don’t see on our website? We offer our Salt Select custom organizers—an option where you work with our team to design exactly what you are looking for.

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Design Fee
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Custom design fee starts at $150 per organizer. Price based on the complexity of the design. Design fee includes:

Meeting with Salt Select Team

Creating personalized organizer design

Technical drawing of organizer

Ordering custom designed organizer

Woman installing a new fully stocked custom-fit drawer organizer with a variety of office supplies.

Adjust an existing template or or design something completely from scratch with Salt Select

Any drawer, any size, any items - we can design exactly what you need.

Salt Select provides a home for everything in your drawers so you can stay organized in the long run.

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