The Salt by Sabrina Organizational Method

We all have a junk drawer!

It’s the drawer that drives us crazy and is embarrassing to open and often the idea of sorting through it can make us feel powerless.  Life can seem this way too. We all are juggling so many things, from family, to friends, work, schedule, chores and all the in between. Decluttering a closet, tidying a room or yes, even taking on that dreaded junk drawer can give us a sense of satisfaction and empowerment. Small actions create opportunities for bigger changes. I love the feeling I get after organizing a space!

When we organize, we typically work on a single room at a time. To dive into an entire house is way too overwhelming! I love to begin in my kitchen and pantry because we use these areas all day, every day. If your house is like mine – it’s Grand Central Station. Start with something simple, a single drawer.

Let’s breakdown the steps:

  1. Choose a drawer and assess its contents
  2. Take everything out and get rid of anything you don’t need or use
  3. Measure the drawer.
    1. Measure the inside of the drawer box
    2. Round down to the nearest ½ inch measurement
  4. Choose the Salt by Sabrina organizer template that best fits YOUR needs and place your order. 
    1. Consider what the drawer will be used for and what will go in it when browsing templates
    2. Place the order
  5. Once it arrives, place everything you need and use into your premium, custom, perfectly fitting drawer organizer and ENJOY!

Repeat these steps with each of your drawers and cabinets. Notice how you feel as you replace chaos with order. I love how satisfying it is! Does anyone else binge watch organizing videos?!

My husband thinks I’m a little over the top in my need for order, but we are always happier after a space has been refined, in other words, I’m a cheerful neurotic! To all those who can relate…

Wishing you peace, love, ORGANIZATION, and happiness,