The Gift of Organization

December is here and the holidays are in full swing. The days are filled with Christmas parties, delicious holiday treats and hours spent searching for the perfect gift. Stores everywhere are cheerfully decorated with festive garland and sparkling ornaments. Streaming services feature the latest Christmas movies as well as the timeless classics. “It’s a Wonderful Life” never fails to make me cry and I can quote every line from “Home Alone.”

Mother and child in front of Christmas tree. Salt by Sabrina


As we bring this year to a close, I have been reflecting on my 2021 journey. I started Salt by Sabrina with the purpose of re-inventing how people organized their homes and lives. Before this approach existed, there was really only one way to do things. 

Organizational companies tell you how to organize using a one-size-fits-all approach. At Salt by Sabrina, we let YOU decide what works best for you. 

We are each so unique and need our solutions to be as diverse as we are. One size does not fit all. Every product at Salt by Sabrina is designed to help you get organized with custom, beautiful, and quality features perfectly fit to your spaces and needs. 

Custom drawer organizer Christmas themed. Salt by Sabrina.



I worked with a client on organizing her kitchen. We started by ordering a combination of drawer organizers and storage baskets. When everything arrived, we emptied each drawer and sorted through the items, keeping only what was useful and needed. We then installed the organizers and made sure everything was put in a place that made sense for the use of the item. The end result was fantastic! Her drawers were beautiful to open and the counters were clean and free of clutter. She was thrilled. A few days later, I received a text and she told me that she has started to bake again. She used to love baking but hated being in her kitchen due to the daily mess. When that pain point was removed and replaced by beauty and cleanliness, she found she loved being in the kitchen again and rediscovered her passion for baking. 

Sabrina from Salt by Sabrina baking cookies.

Organization is power. When we organize a space, it empowers us to enjoy life to its fullest! It seems like such a simple concept and yet it connects us with our own inner power. If you are stuck on a problem at work, clean off your desk and organize your drawers. The process of sorting the clutter opens your mind by alleviating stress and allowing you to find solutions. If you notice yourself avoiding making dinner, organize the pantry and see if that makes a difference. When you dread folding laundry, take a minute to clean off the counter and use a beautiful laundry basket to transform it into a delightful task.

Office supplies on table from Salt by Sabrina


As we enter a world forever changed by the pandemic , it feels like so many things are outside of our control. That is one of the many reasons I love organization. We can connect with our own inner power. This power reflects the ability to change our own circumstances. Organize a drawer, clean a closet, make your bed or do the dishes. Any one of these actions is going to give you a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. That energy will carry you throughout the day and change the way you feel! When you get home, a clean and inviting sanctuary awaits.

If you are looking for the perfect gift this holiday season, connect a loved one with the power to declutter, helping them jump start the new year ready for anything that lies ahead. 

Salt by Sabrina holiday products

Boston Storage Basket | Salt Container | Round Cutting Board | Venice Tray 


Here at Salt we have an exciting year planned for 2022! Join us on the journey and we will take you room by room, organizing as we go. You will feel joy and energy fill your life as you remove clutter and make way for moments that really matter. Enjoy the holidays and savor the time with those you love.

Mom and daughter around Christmas tree with presents.