Baking in the Fall Brings Warmth, Comfort and Love

Fill your kitchen with textured decor and flavorful spices perfect for cozy autumn days.

Delicious scents of spices and fresh baked goods fill your home bringing the luxurious feeling of fall. This time of year is a favorite for our family. We love football games, crisp air, and the vibrant colors of the leaves. It is a time to be home, cozy up by the fire and bake all our favorite recipes. We love a great seasoned salt or spice that adds just the right enhancement to any dish. The AM salt is always stocked in our stone salt container.

Salt by Sabrina salt container and spice jars.

My husband is the master cook/chef/baker in our home and while I do enjoy cooking, my favorite thing is to clean our spaces, organize the drawers, set the table and create the ambience. I get the kitchen baking drawers tidied up and ready for all the holiday baking and bring out the festive napkins and serveware. When it’s my son Nathan’s turn to set the table, he is always happy to grab our stocked acrylic utensil caddy and say “done!”

Mandy Drawer organizer and Monaco Seagrass basket from Salt by Sabrina

Tylee Utensil Caddy

Rob has so many fantastic fall recipes and they have turned into traditions in our home. As soon as we hit October, our kids are requesting his pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.

Enjoy the cookies and the beauty of fall,



Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies 

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies from Salt by Sabrina