Take Control of Your Bathroom Countertop Space

Take Control of Your Bathroom Countertop Space

A cluttered countertop is a common problem when it comes to bathrooms. When we have too much in our drawers or cabinets, the countertop can easily become crowded and turn into a landing zone for everything. Like we talked about last week when we organized your bathroom drawer, we want our bathrooms to be peaceful, because this is where we begin and end our days!

No matter the size of your bathroom, this process can help you take control of your bathroom countertop space and leave you with a peaceful, clutter-free sanctuary to begin and end your days in.

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Step One: Declutter

You’re probably starting to pick up on the Salt method for reorganizing a space by now. As always, we start by taking everything out! A clean slate is the best place to begin. Get rid of products you don’t use, including samples and anything expired. 

Step Two: Relocate Anything That Doesn't Belong

You will be surprised at how much space you open up by only storing what is meant for that space. Move items you don’t use in your bathroom to where you use them! 

Everything from wallets and keys to spare batteries and grocery store receipts can end up on your bathroom counter. It is often where you end the day and everything on hand gets unloaded. That means a lot of non-essential items can end up here. Removing all that clutter means clearing your countertops and giving you room to breathe and enjoy as you prep for the day or settle down to rest at night.

Step Three: Keep It Simple

Limit the items on the counter to essentials only so that you have as much room as possible. Essentials are items that you use every single day. Items used less than daily, but on a weekly basis can be stored in drawers or under the sink. Items like toothbrushes, toothpaste, dental floss, facewash, and moisturizer all have a home ready at your fingertips. If you only use dry shampoo once per week, that can be stored under the sink or in a drawer.

Step Four: Utilize a Tray or Storage Basket to Contain and Keep Countertop Items Organized

Remember, we’re storing essential items only on the countertop. Things like a toothbrush cup with your toothbrush and hand soap are great examples of everyday essentials you want to keep here. A small tray or basket with lotions, brushes, charge cords, or other small, daily-use items are also good to have on the countertop! When items are loose, they can easily become disorganized. A basket or tray contain the items giving them an intentional home. That makes all the difference in how a space feels!


Are you surprised by how much more peaceful your bathroom is without all that clutter? We hope your morning and evening routines in this space are some of your favorite moments of the day now. We can’t wait to see your results! Tag us in your before & afters on social media and use the hashtag #saltspace!