The Art of Gifting

The art of gifting comes from making it personal.



The holidays are in full swing with Christmas music playing on the radio and festive decorations in every store. A flurry of activities compete for our attention. Christmas parties, school and dance performances and holiday plans fill the coming weeks. This season is about time with friends and family, favorite recipes, traditions and finding the perfect gift.

Sabrina from Salt by Sabrina in kitchen.

Here are a few tips that I love for this process because it can be overwhelming especially when buying for multiple people! Since each person is unique, you need to look for something that feels like it was meant just for them. Christmas gifts don’t have to be elaborate to be fantastic. Some of the best gifts I have received have been the most simple. They were special because they were personal just for me.

Salt by Sabrina baskets and boxes for the holidays.

KEEP THE RECIPIENT IN MIND - Think of how this person decorates their home, hobbies they love, items they collect, books they read or their favorite treats. This will help you create a list of ideas. If they have a collection, you could get a great piece to add. If they love to read, a subscription to Audible or the latest bestseller would be fantastic. If they love to cook, find a beautiful new set of measuring cups and spoons to make the next time they bake extra sweet!

SET A BUDGET - It helps to set a budget up front so you have a price range to work within. You may think of a great gift idea but if it’s double what you want to spend, it won’t work well. Many websites allow you to filter by cost making it easy to search for a great present in your price range. Make sure to account for all the gifting you plan to do throughout the holiday season in your budget. I always plan a bit extra in case I have forgotten someone or an opportunity to help someone in need comes up unexpectedly.

Gift wrapped Salt by Sabrina box.
THE DETAILS MATTER - Little things like color can often help give a gift that extra wow factor. I am a person that loves neutrals. I don’t wear a lot of color and certainly not anything bright and my home is decorated in much the same way. My mom is a gifted floral designer. She made me the most beautiful floral for our one-year anniversary at Salt! I loved it. It was soft, beautiful and rich in texture but filled with neutral colors - my favorite. It was perfect! Think about the colors the recipient wears and how they decorate their home. It will provide valuable insight into the right style and tone of gift to give.

THE ELEMENT OF SURPRISE - Look for those gift ideas that are unexpected. We lived in our previous home for 11 years. We loved that home. Two of our four children were born there and all of our kids grew up there. When we moved, it was a sad day for all of us. One of our neighbors painted the most beautiful portrait of our home, framed it and gave it to us. I love that painting. It sits on our shelf where we can see it all the time and remember all the joy that home brought to our family. It was simple, beautiful, so meaningful and completely unexpected.

THE CHRISTMAS CARD APPROACH - Each Christmas many of us send out a card with a photo showing how our families have grown and changed throughout the year. I love to include just a couple of handwritten sentences on the back of the card or even right on the envelope. I let the recipient know I’m thinking of them, miss them and wish them a wonderful holiday. Just a few words makes it personal and offers an instant connection. I save my favorite cards each year in a beautiful marble box that is now filled with so many friends and family.

Sabrina writing on a holiday card from Salt by Sabrina.
Just like the art of gifting, at Salt everything we do is focused on making it personal just for you. Each of these tips will help you focus on finding that perfect gift for everyone on your list this year.

If you still need help, here are a few of our favorite gifts from Salt!

Salt by Sabrina Paris basket for the holidays.

Salt baskets decorated for the holidays.
Salt by Sabrina London Basket
Give the gift of organization. It’s so much more than a clean house. It’s a lifestyle that will help you feel better about pretty much everything.

Salt by Sabrina gift card for the holidays.

Good luck with your gifting and enjoy the beautiful holiday season!