Salt by Sabrina Venice Tray Featured on Newsweek

Salt by Sabrina was featured for the first time in a Newsweek article on July 30, 2021. The article, 20 Bedroom Organizational Products That Will Transform Your Room, by Stephanie Osmanski, offers bedroom organizational products that help maximize your space. 

The article highlights a Pier 1 study that shows that 45 percent of people believe that not having enough storage was their most significant challenge while living in a small space. 

The author then presents 20 of the best bedroom organizational products, including our very own Venice Tray.  

"As pretty as it is practical, the Salt by Sabrina Venice Tray displays everyday items in a more curated-looking, organized manner."

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Venice Tray 

The Venice Tray is a timeless storage basket made from natural rattan that enhances any setting. The Venice Tray looks beautiful on a coffee table or in any open area.  

Venice Tray | Salt by Sabrina


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