Salt by Sabrina Featured on Amazon Pay's Merchant Spotlight

Salt by Sabrina is featured on Amazon Pay's blog in an editorial series called Merchant Spotlight. Amazon Pay highlights brands that bring unique value to their industries. Past highlights have included brands such as Sony and True Religion as well as Jewlr, Madison Reed, TB12, Teleties, School Yard Snacks, and HUEL. 

One such brand highlighted by Amazon Pay, Mented Cosmetics, is one of the fastest growing direct to consumer brands focused on cosmetics based on skin tones that are often underserved. 

Salt by Sabrina, like other brands highlighted by Amazon Pay, has carved out a distinct niche. 

Purpose-built to fit your needs, [Sabrina] Gardner’s custom drawer organizers and storage products are both beautiful and functional, helping to maximize every inch of available space — and peace of mind. For Gardner, taming the untidy is more than just a business or a brand, it’s a lifestyle philosophy.

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