10 Pantry Organization Ideas for an Orderly Kitchen

We all know how it feels to have a disorderly house. The pantry is a perfect example of a space that can quickly get out of hand. Crazy schedules and an endless to-do list can make it hard to keep track of what’s in your space, and before you know it your cupboards are overflowing with forgotten food that is expired, or rarely used. For one reason or another, pantries can more often than not devolve into a stressful chore rather than a clean, beautiful storage space.

Don’t give up hope yet! We’ve assembled the best pantry organization ideas to help create a pantry that works for you. A space used so frequently by you and your family can be a place of order and peace when set up the right way. Organization starts with simple systems that breed success, and we have some tips just for you!

Pantry wide angle with the New York Basket from Salt by Sabrina

1. Start with a clean slate

Nothing feels better than starting fresh. It allows you to see all available space and potential. Begin the process by taking everything out of the pantry. Remember, it’s not always about reorganizing, it’s about creating an updated system that works for you and your needs. Part of organizing is about emotionally disconnecting with what’s in the space. When taking things out of the space they have lived for so long, you are detaching yourself from it, making it easier to decide if it's necessary or where it should go. Once you have taken everything out of your pantry, you’ll be able to start fresh with new ideas about how the space should flow to bring success.

2. Ask yourself: where is the prime real estate?

Now that you’ve cleared out the space, it’s time to establish a system. When evaluating your new space, think about where the most important space is, your “prime real estate.” This is the most accessible point that your eyes won’t miss when glancing into the pantry. Use the prime real estate for the things you use the most regularly, making these items easy to find and quickly accessible. Place important items in those spaces. Organizing by category alone may seem like the best way to go, but you can have a better workflow if what you need regularly is close at hand. You may be surprised at how much time is saved by having the items used multiple times a day in the most efficient spaces.

3. Curate an organizing system that works for you

As you divide your pantry, remember that each family is unique, so no two organizational systems will be the same. For some, this could mean having accessible grab-and-go items for teenagers running out the door, easy-to-reach granola bars for kids looking for an after school snack or your favorite coffee ready to start the day.

4. Create a system to avoid becoming overwhelmed

Have you ever tried to tackle a room and realized you don’t know where to begin? Or feel dread at the amount of work in front of you? Organizing doesn’t have to send you into a panic. Sabrina likes to organize a room from top to bottom by starting with the small areas within a room. Take a single drawer and organize that. The sense of accomplishment and satisfaction will help motivate organizing the next space. Whether you use this method or another, when you tackle spaces in small tasks it will feel much more achievable.

5. Take note of what you really need

Most of the time, pantries are overflowing with boxes and cans containing food that will eventually go bad or has already gone bad. Organizing is easier when you only keep on hand what you need and regularly use. Think about pancake mix. How much does your family use in a month? If you have ten times that amount, you probably don’t need to store that much. Not only will this help your wallet, but you will have more space and avoid chaotic overflow. Try to keep on hand what you will use for three months. If you have a few items with a longer shelf life, make sure to put them in a spot that is visible so these items get used and don’t go to waste. This will help you keep track of what’s in your pantry at all times.

6. Use the best organizational tools

Bins and baskets help you categorize things easier and also look much more appealing. Your pantry can be both functional and a space you enjoy being in. Using containers like this allows you to move things around faster and keep similarly grouped items together, no matter when you use them or reorganize. Plus, this also helps you keep track of inventory. For dry goods, it’s even better to transfer what you buy into clear containers, like sugar, beans, pasta, etc. That way it’s easy to tell when you need to restock and if your food is still good. This combination of closed storage and clear, open storage creates a beautiful and enticing look. The closed storage provides opportunities to tuck items away where they are accessible but in a nice basket giving a cleaner look. A decorative, open-designed basket is the perfect place to display favorite cookbooks, dishcloths, and spices.

Monaco storage basket with apples from Salt by Sabrina
Boston storage basket with cookie mix from Salt by Sabrina
Paris storage basket in silver by Salt by Sabrina 

7. Store each item in a way that helps it last

When separating food into bins, remember that certain foods ripen and rot quickly and can even make other foods go bad faster than they normally would. In general, perishable items should be stored separately from dry and bulk items. Store produce and items that need a little room to breathe in baskets to maintain organization without sacrificing airflow.

8. Use your space!

Kitchen pantries can have gold-mines of storage if you get creative with how you use the space. Deep drawer organizers, spice racks and storage caddies can be a game-changer if you have deep, hard-to-reach shelves or drawers. Remember that you can add racks, hooks, or other hanging accessories for the inside of the pantry door to fully utilize your storage space. This is especially a good place for non-food items, like plastic bags, kitchen tools, aprons, cleaning cloths, or whatever else you store in your pantry.

9. Don’t underestimate the power of labeling

Now that you’ve established a home for everything, labels help give you the motivation and the structure to keep your pantry organized. Everything belongs, and putting things away goes by much quicker and easier for everyone. You can label individual containers, especially if they aren’t transparent enough to see through. You can also take the category approach and label certain shelves or sections by similar foods.

10. Remember, no organizational method has to be permanent.

As the needs of your family grow and change, your organization will need to grow and change with it. That’s okay! Don’t be afraid to reorganize. These pantry organization ideas can act as a starting point, and you can adjust your new system as you use it. When using the pantry, you may realize that an idea you had when establishing the system doesn’t work, and want to try something else. Go for it! One of the joys of organizing is that it can always be improved to meet your needs.

Whatever your organizational process, Salt by Sabrina strives to provide a perfect place for everything. These ten pantry organization ideas are a perfect place to start.

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