Easter with the Salt by Sabrina Family

I have always loved Easter. It represents the start of spring, hints at summer around the corner, and is filled with baskets of treats and time with family. Sundays are usually quieter days and we all enjoy the slower pace and delicious meals. My husband is the cook in our home and if you ask any of my kids, they will all tell you he is the better cook. I am totally okay with this because it allows me to do what I enjoy, which is getting everything organized, prepping for guests, and setting a beautiful table. My daughter Paige loves to help me in this process of getting all of the special details just right.

Sabrina setting the Easter table. Salt by Sabrina

 Hosting used to feel very overwhelming so while I did look forward to these celebrations, a certain amount of anxiety accompanied the excitement. Can you relate? However, since I have done a complete overhaul of my kitchen and pantry organization, I look forward to opportunities to host! I know exactly where everything is. I know that each drawer is organized and will be a joy to open. It has changed my experience completely.

Tiffany drawer organizer designed for Easter from Salt by Sabrina.

Baking the Easter dessert is a breeze with my tools ready at my fingertips. It’s never been more fun to pull out the mixer, flour and sprinkles with my kids than with the right organization. It does take a bit of time but the payoff is just so good.

My top tips to get organized for Easter or any holiday are:


This is the process of setting up and putting away the holiday decor. It should relieve the stress associated with the extra work. Make it easy and fast. I don’t like to over decorate because it’s too much work. For Easter, I simply put out a single centerpiece on our dining table that is Easter themed and a couple of bunnies and eggs on our front entry table. It gives a little hint of the holiday and takes only a few minutes to set up and take down.


If you have to dig to find napkin rings, holiday decor and cake decorations, it eliminates the joy of the process. Keep things close at hand and easy to find. We host a lot at my home so I like to keep our fancy plates and holiday napkins in the pantry. If you host less often, these items can be stored farther away. As a bonus, this will help open up storage space in your key areas. It’s most important to know where the items are so you don’t waste time digging for them. If they are in a storage room, make sure to use a clear container so you can easily see the contents or utilize labels. If there are items you haven’t used in years, get rid of them. You won’t miss what you don’t use. It’s only taking up space.


There is no right or wrong way to celebrate a holiday. My friend Marissa is so good at the details! She always has a Valentine’s box that is so cute for her kids Valentine’s Day cards, a mischievous Leprechaun visiting her house and leaving tricks and treats or an Elf of the Shelf that continues to surprise her kids with his nighttime adventures. In the Gardner house, we tend to keep it pretty simple (except for Christmas!) on holidays because that is usually all I have the bandwidth for. With great organization and a few festive activities, we can still celebrate in style. Whatever your holiday approach is, make sure you take time to enjoy it!

Easter with Salt by Sabrina

Nothing completes a holiday like the perfect dessert. It can be a centerpiece and part of your decor. Amy is my dear friend who started baking cakes four years ago and turned her hidden talent into an incredible worldwide brand. Her beautiful Easter design made our celebration feel extraordinary. Thank you Amy!

Salt by Sabrina basket with Neurotic Mom cake.

I hope your Easter is filled with a little organization, a peaceful home, mouth-watering treats and lots of friends and family.