Food Dolls Collection

Food Dolls Collection Food Dolls Collection

Alia & Radwa will transform your kitchen with mouthwatering recipes (many influenced from their Middle Eastern background), beautiful organization and a lifestyle that makes any house feel like a home.

Side view of a kitchen utensil drawer perfectly put together with a custom-fit drawer organizer.

Food Dolls mission is to ‘inspire others into creating something amazing with little effort’. Their recipes are transformative and so is the lifestyle they share along with it.

A woman pulling out a plastic bag from her kitchen drawer.

Lunch and leftover prep made tidy with the Tyler organizer designed to keep all your storage bags pristine and contained.

See how Radwa transformed her drawers

See how Radwa transformed her drawers See how Radwa transformed her drawers

If you have a drawer that needs a little extra personalization, our Salt Select team can create exactly what you need.

An individual opening their perfectly organized kitchen utensil drawer.

Get and stay organized in the long term with drawer organizers made from premium acrylic and offer a perfect fit.

Top view of an organized kitchen drawer filled with measuring cups and spoons.

Alia & Radwa have a timeless aesthetic to their clean & beautiful kitchen spaces making it the perfect place to be inspired and create delicious recipes for the audience to enjoy.

Shop Alia & Radwa’s Favorites

Shop Alia & Radwa’s Favorites Shop Alia & Radwa’s Favorites

Food Dolls have helped us rediscover the joy of cooking through breathtaking, mouthwatering recipes that are simple and approachable. Their kitchen organization, lifestyle approach and commitment to family are a beautiful extension of the magic they create with food. Alia & Radwa inspire us with their authenticity, their commitment to the very best in taste and the joy they continually share. Follow along @fooddolls &

“It’s amazing how such a small investment in organization can add a layer of personal luxury to one’s home. Every time I open my drawer I smile with joy… a place for everything and everything in its place.”

- Krista

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