What Is the Best Way to Organize Hair Brushes, Hair Products and Accessories?

What Is the Best Way to Organize Hair Brushes, Hair Products and Accessories?

One of the biggest culprits of bathroom clutter is insufficient storage for hair tools, accessories and products — it can feel so daunting to find a solution for such a wide variety of items! Sizes range from tiny bobby pins to your larger hair styling tools, and everything in between, and it’s hard to find good organizational solutions on the market to organize this array of hair products.

You may love doing your hair, but the disorder of all those products can keep you from enjoying the process. We want to provide you with options for storing your various hair essentials and accessories to keep them organized!

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Option One: Set Up a Designated Hair Drawer

If you have drawer space, designate one or two of your bathroom drawers to your hair products. As always, begin with a clean slate! Empty the drawers and clean them so you can start peacefully with a blank canvas. 

Collect all of your hair products from the various places they’re being stored right now and put them all together. Relocate or remove anything that does not belong. We want hair products only in this space! If you don’t use it, get rid of it — it’s holding you back.

Utilize a drawer organizer with compartments that serve your storage needs. Choose a layout or configuration that works for your products and accessories! We recommend these custom drawer configurations for bathroom drawers: Lindsey, Grace, Abigail, Rhonda, Isabella and Jennifer.

Option Two: Utilize Countertop Space With Trays and Containers

This is a great solution for small bathrooms with little to no drawer space! Utilize trays like Betsy for your small and daily hair essentials (this also works great for jewelry). Small baskets like Calgary or Boston are great for storing your everyday hair styling products close at hand on the countertop. If you have small items like bobby pins, scrunchies and hair bands that you use daily, try a small container like our round and square acrylic storage containers!

Option Three: Store Oversized Items in the Under-Sink Space

Whether you went with option one or two for storage of your daily essentials, chances are you will also need this option for storing your larger or less frequently used items! Things like hair dryers can take up an enormous amount of space in our drawers, even when they have organizers. Utilizing storage caddies for these awkward items is a great solution!

We love the Remi caddy for storing larger and longer hair tools and accessories. Stacking caddies are key for utilizing the vertical space under your sink! 

Pro Tip: Use clear containers over opaque ones! If you use an opaque container, you might as well have thrown the items inside it away. When you can’t see it, it gets lost and often replaced, leaving you with multiple of the same items. Clear containers allow you to see exactly what you have!


Are you ready to reduce the chaos in your bathroom and start enjoying doing your hair again? You can do it! We can’t wait to see your results. Tag us in your before & afters on social media and use the hashtag #saltspace!

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