The ultimate portable solution for silverware, dishes, and napkins.

The ultimate portable solution for silverware, dishes, and napkins.

Elevate all your hosting events with crystal-clear, anti-microbial acrylic and easily access silverware, bowls and plates with our patented design.

  • Crafted from chemical free, premium acrylic
  • Beautiful, scratch resistant storage
  • Convenient handles provide easy transport

Why people love our acrylic utensil caddy

  • Premium Acrylic
  • Scratch Resistant
  • BPA Free + Non-Toxic
  • Anti-Microbial

The Details

Stores everything you need

Tired of cheap, undersized utensil caddies that don't fit what you need? Try our acrylic caddy with generous space for all your essential hosting items.

  • Easily access plates with our patented design
  • Spaces for bowls or your favorite glasses
  • Napkin slot that fits XL napkins
  • Utensil space for forks, knives & spoons
  • Great for storing your favorite dishes or paper products all year

Easy to carry

Premium, integrated handles make carrying the Tylee utensil caddy a breeze.

  • Elegant handles that can carry even the heaviest plates
  • Ideal handle placement for ease of movement
  • Large handle cutouts to fit any hand size

Premium Acrylic

Our premium, anti-microbial acrylic naturally prevents bacteria, is easy clean and crystal-clear to elevate any occasion.

  • Chemical free & anti-microbial acrylic
  • Crystal-clear, premium look
  • Easy to clean

Versatile for all occasions

The Tylee acrylic utensil caddy is not only beautiful and functional but versatile for any occasion or storage use.

  • Integrated storage works great to store favorite dishes & utensils long term
  • Compartments also store delicious snacks and treats
  • Timeless designs make the caddy ideal for holiday decor
  • Keep any party stocked with space for everything

"Truthfully, I can’t get enough Tylee’s! They are just so versatile and easy to carry that I keep coming up with new uses for them. Thank you, Salt by Sabrina!"