Premium Acrylic Drawer Dividers for Crystal-Clear Organization

Premium Acrylic Drawer Dividers for Crystal-Clear Organization

Our patented design creates containment and easy access in both your shallow and deepest drawers with options up to 6" in height."

  • Dividers expand from 12.5" - 21" in length
  • Scratch-resistant, premium acrylic
  • 3M adhesive holds divider firmly in place, removes for relocation

Why people love our dividers

  • Premium Acrylic
  • Scratch Resistant
  • BPA Free + Non-Toxic
  • Anti-Microbial
Super simple to install, and absolutely beautiful!
Rachel Parcell
Our acrylic drawer dividers will fit almost any drawer (12.5 in – 21 in).

The Details

A Perfect Fit

Want a divider that actually fits the height of your drawer? Our divider comes in sizes up to 6" tall!

  • Utilize ALL the vertical space in your drawer with our deep drawer dividers
  • Maximize storage space with dividers that fit
  • Multiple dividers pair perfectly to organize and compartmentalize
  • 3M adhesive for easy installation

Designed to Last

Tired of flimsy dividers made from cheap materials that need to be continually replaced? Try our premium acrylic dividers.

  • 5mm acrylic creates a sturdy divider designed to last
  • Patented design holds securely in place inside your drawer
  • Easy slide feature installs in seconds

Crystal-clear & Antimicrobial

Seeing what you have is critical when organizing to make sure nothing gets lost and everything is easy to access. Our chemical free acrylic creates a naturally antimicrobial environment for safe storage.

  • Clear acrylic design
  • Easy to see everything you have stored
  • Beautiful aesthetic in your drawer
  • Chemical free and antimicrobial materials

These dividers are to die for. The clear acrylic makes it so easy to see everything.

Rachel Parcell