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Custom and Handcrafted

Each Salt by Sabrina drawer organizer, spice rack and storage caddy is custom made to perfectly fit your specific drawer or cabinet. Each one is unique to you and your needs.

Premium Quality

Our custom products are crafted from premium, crystal clear, scratch-resistant acrylic. Each high-quality storage basket is designed to be an elegant, timeless addition to your home. All products are Prop 65 certified and safe for your family.

Give Back

A portion of proceeds from every drawer organizer purchased goes to America’s Kids Belong, an organization focused on finding permanent homes for children in the foster care system.

Sustainably Sourced

At Salt by Sabrina, we strive to protect the environment through green business practices and by creating our products from sustainable sources whenever possible.


Salt by Sabrina is about to change your organizational life, and let me tell you why. I feel like I have a beautiful kitchen, but you open my drawers and then you find out I’m a big ole mess. I’ve actually tried to be organized, I’ve gone to the store, I’ve purchased inserts for my drawers and they don’t fit. They’re sloppy, they’re messy, it’s just not what I was hoping for. But, with Salt by Sabrina, you measure out your drawers, you get to decide how you want the configuration for your space. It’s custom to you and your needs.So if you have a utensil drawer, that’s obviously going to look a lot different than maybe a desk drawer or your makeup vanity. But she has a solution for all of it.


Having the Salt by Sabrina organizers has just made life so much more simple. I feel like we can find things that we need to find and my kids know where to put things back. It’s no longer a scavenger hunt. We can find everything pretty quick. We used to have like 20 pairs of scissors all over the place and now everything has a place.

–Steve & Jen

After our Salt by Sabrina overhaul, everything in our kitchen is easy to access and constantly organized. In the past, run-of-the-mill organizers were part of the problem. They never quite fit properly but now we have replaced them with snug-fitting Salt organizers, custom made for our lives.


New ideas are always fun to come across. I have very much enjoyed being organized but felt limited when it comes to drawers being any workable space to organize. Then along comes “Salt by Sabrina!” Brilliant!! I can do it! I can actually have an efficiently organized drawer that I love to open, because not only are her organizers functional but they are really beautiful! She has drawer organizers and so much more! With a variety of baskets, boxes, and other organizational items that look gorgeous on your shelves, you are able to take advantage of more space to put things.


I got the Salt by Sabrina Calgary laundry storage basket filled with goodies and the Salt clipboard as a birthday gift and I love them so much! They are the most perfect gift ideas! They are both such great quality! The basket adds the perfect touch to my laundry room. The clipboard is perfect to put in my office with lists of tasks to get done. I can’t wait to build our new home so I can get my hands on one of everything from Salt by Sabrina :) They’re just that good! The logo design is clean, simple and really cute!


After the Salt by Sabrina install, our kitchen has a different vibe. Instead of opening drawers and finding disorganized clutter, we now find elegance, clean lines, and a feeling of calming organization. Our drawers are no longer on our “to do” list. We know where everything is! It may sound strange, but we want to show off our new drawers. In fact, drawers can now become a fashion statement, something I never thought could happen.


When I received my Salt by Sabrina drawer organizers, I was excited to organize my “out of control” cooking utensil drawer. I had a great time going through all the utensils, even shedding a few that I didn’t need! When I finished that drawer and then moved on to my silverware drawers (which were in rubber trays that didn’t fit!) I was astounded at the results! The drawers looked so beautiful and classy! I absolutely love my drawer organizers; they are beautiful, well-made, customizable to fit the drawer perfectly (not just the width and length, but also the height). And something I never expected has happened; each time I open my drawers, I enjoy the beauty and peace of a well organized kitchen. I highly recommend Salt by Sabrina drawer organizers, there is nothing like them on the market!


From the first moment that I heard about Salt and their custom drawer organizers, I fell in love with the idea. I’ve spent so much money on other standard drawer organizers that don’t quite fit, and as a result, waste a lot of valuable drawer space.  With the custom Salt organizers, every inch of every drawer is utilized. By using my space better, I now have multiple drawers that are empty, leaving room for incoming items in the future. I’ve had multiple houseguests in my kitchen since I’ve installed the Salt organizers, and everyone has commented on how easy it is to find the utensils and kitchen items they are looking for. Not to mention the quality and the aesthetics of the organizers. You won’t find any other organizers like these ones, trust me, I’ve tried! If you are someone who feels like your drawers could use better organization, then the custom Salt organizers are well worth the investment!